MH: The Ever-Evolving Firm

This last year at Mintier Harnish has been chocked full of change. Sometimes change can be unsettling but as planners we know that change is one of the few things we can say is inevitable. Last June Mintier Harnish celebrated 30 years in business and we certainly have seen a lot of change since 1985. Larry decided it was about time to slow down and is now a part-time project advisor on several of our important projects. As a result, Jim promoted himself to Principal/Owner. Judy Harnish, the first and only firm business manager, logged her 31st year with the firm. Chelsey Payne, our fabulous Project Manager, marked her 9th year with the firm and celebrated the event by having a beautiful little girl (Jacqueline). Our Graphic Production Manager, Ryan Lester, has now been with us for three years and is largely responsible for elevating the firm’s publication quality to new levels. Two of our favorite planners, Dave Amos and Dov Kadin decided they didn’t know enough about planning (they are wrong) and returned to graduate school (both to Cal); Dave for his PHd and Dov for his Masters. In their place we have four new planners: Brent, Amy, Renee, and Rosa (see below). Our long time Office Manager, Theda Justiniani, returned for a second tour of duty after a three year absence. And last but not least, Bob Lagomarsino, the first planner Jim and Larry hired in 1985, returned to the Mintier Harnish fold after wandering in the corporate wilderness for 18 years.  Through all this change we continue to have exciting projects, great clients, and interesting new challenges.

Back to the Future

After an 18-year hiatus, Bob Lagomarsino rejoined Mintier Harnish as a Principal at the beginning of 2016. Bob was hired as Mintier Harnish’s first planner in 1985 and spent 12 years with the firm before moving on to bigger (not better) things. In his 18 years away from Mintier Harnish, Bob worked with LDR International in Maryland and then with BRW/Dames & Moore/URS/AECOM (one job) in Phoenix and Sacramento. Over the course of his 30-year career, he has built upon the policy planning foundation established in his first stint with Mintier Harnish by focusing on multi-disciplinary collaboration. This includes immersion in a wide variety of land use-transportation coordination, community design, and emergency management projects. Bob looks forward to collaborating with his new/old colleagues to sustain, grow, and diversify Mintier Harnish’s presence in the planning services field in the Western United States. He also looks forward to resuming the same 0.49-mile commute he enjoyed when he last worked for the firm in 1997.