Mintier Harnish managed a multi-disciplinary consulting team in a comprehensive update of the City of Hayward General Plan and preparation of a Program EIR. While the City’s current General Plan served the City well, it had not been comprehensively updated in ten years. Since then the City has made a substantial effort to reshape and enhance the community through several new initiatives. The new General Plan incorporated these new initiatives within the context of several significant changes in State law and a comprehensive strategy for how the City can address climate change and sustainability. City staff took a major role in updating the General Plan in-house. Mintier Harnish worked closely with City staff and the team of consultants to produce an innovative and compelling plan for Hayward’s future. We conducted focused Do-It-Yourself General Plan® training sessions with City staff throughout the Update process. The resulting 2040 General Plan established a new Vision for the city of Hayward and included several unique elements, including a Community Health and Quality of Life Element and an Education and Lifelong Learning Element. The General Plan was also developed as the City’s Community Risk Reduction Plan and as the City’s Climate Action Plan.