In April 2014 the City of Gilroy held the second community workshop on the New General Plan. The purpose of the workshop was to develop a vision for the future of Gilroy. After a brief welcome and presentation on the General Plan process and visioning, workshop participants shared their visions for Gilroy in interactive activities. Participants were asked to pretend they were a visitor sending a postcard from Gilroy in the year 2040. Each participant was given a blank postcard that said “Greetings from Gilroy” on the front and a space to write on the back. Participants were asked to draw a picture to illustrate their vision for Gilroy in 2040 on the front of the postcard. On the back of the postcard, participants were asked to write a message to someone about their experience in Gilroy in 2040, imagining they are a visitor describing the highlights of a trip to Gilroy. When they completed their postcards, they presented them to their smaller group and then hung them on a clothesline for display.