Mintier Harnish prepared the 2040 General Plan as a proposed guide for future growth and change within the City of Hayward in 2014. The General Plan addresses key issues identified by community members, including: improving school performance; reducing crime and vandalism; enhancing neighborhoods; improving the economy and job opportunities; reducing blight; improving Hayward’s image and reputation; reducing traffic; increasing walking, biking and transit ridership; improving infrastructure; and addressing homelessness.

It also builds upon the unique features and characteristics of the city, as defined by its residents, including: Hayward’s central Bay Area location, higher education (Chabot College, CSU East Bay), access to regional transit (BART, Amtrack), Downtown Hayward, historic buildings and homes, access to parks and recreational centers, Hayward’s climate and weather, Hayward’s economy and access to local jobs, dining and entertainment activities, and housing affordability.