In association with Ascent Environmental, Inc., Mintier Harnish prepared the City of Sacramento Climate Action Plan (CAP), associated environmental review documents, and a graphical summary for the City to use in its efforts to reduce GHG emissions, prepare for the expected impacts of climate change, and educate the community on how they can support the City’s sustainability and climate action efforts. The CAP was developed through a year-long planning process that included extensive analysis and community and stakeholder outreach efforts. The CAP represents the second phase of the City’s climate action efforts, building on and incorporating the Phase 1 municipal operations greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction plan with the communitywide analysis. It presents the city’s GHG inventory and potential climate change impacts, forecasts growth emissions, commits to the goals outlined in AB 32 and Executive Order S-3-05, and plans for a climate-resilient community. The CAP also completed a milestone implementation program included in the Sacramento 2030 General Plan.

The CAP is organized as a user-friendly document that presents information clearly, concisely, and graphically in a way that is easy to understand. The CAP organizes the measures and actions the City will carry out to achieve its goals into seven strategies: 1) Sustainable Land Use, 2) Mobility and Connectivity, 3) Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, 4) Waste Reduction and Recycling, 5) Water Conservation and Wastewater Reduction, 6) Climate Change Adaptation, and 7) Community Involvement and Empowerment. The CAP takes an innovative approach to address the two major climate change challenges: reducing GHG emissions and planning for climate change impacts. The CAP strikes a much needed balance between moving toward a more sustainable Sacramento while recognizing the need for continued economic growth in the local economy and highlights the economic and community co-benefits of taking a more sustainable approach to living and working in the city. Most importantly, the CAP engages the public and acts as a tool for creating dialog and calling people to action.

In 2012 the CAP won the APA Sacramento Valley Section Award for Innovation in Green Community Planning and the APA California Chapter Award of Merit for Innovation in Green Community Planning. (Photo Credit: Michael Zwhalen)