We led a multi-disciplinary consulting team in preparation of the Mid-Valley Vision: Multimodal Corridor Alternatives Report for the South San Joaquin Valley. This ambitious, collaborative effort resulted in an implementation plan for a regional, multi-modal transportation network among Madera, Fresno, Kings, and Tulare Counties and their 30 cities. It represents a long-term approach to regional land use and transportation planning, resource management, and economic development aimed at creating a multi-modal, multi-city, multi-county, transit oriented-transportation network. It is intended to strengthen inter-jurisdictional relationships between and among partner agencies and provides model land use policies and zoning changes that support and facilitate a multimodal transportation system.

Key objectives of the project included preserving long-term multi-modal transportation corridors; creating compact, transit-oriented communities that preserve farmland and open space; and implementing adopted regional plans, sustainability initiatives, and significant transportation projects (e.g., San Joaquin Valley Blueprint, Smart Valley Places, Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley, High Speed Rail system). The results of the Multimodal Corridor Report provide inputs into Caltrans system planning, the general plan and zoning ordinance updates of partner jurisdictions, and the sustainable communities strategies (i.e., SB 375) of regional planning agencies.