In collaboration with Mogavero Notestine Associates, we led the development, design, and preparation of the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Planners Toolkit. The Toolkit is an educational guide and reference source for communities who want to translate the SJV Blueprint Smart Growth Principles into action. As part of the Planners Toolkit, we worked closely with directors and staff from the eight Valley Regional Planning Agencies (i.e., COGs/MPOs), the Valley Planners Workgroup, and the Regional Policy Council. We developed the Toolkit with the idea that a multitude of smart growth resources already exist. Many organizations throughout California and the country have developed smart growth initiatives, strategies, plans, and ordinances. Instead of reinventing these resources, we gathered the best and most appropriate strategies, plans, policies, and ordinances that have been successfully used in other communities for use in the San Joaquin Valley.

In 2011 the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Planners Toolkit won the Best Practices Award from both the Central and Sacramento Valley sections of the American Planning Association. The Toolkit was identified as a “fabulous resource sensitive to the economic realities facing jurisdictions today.” The awards committee was particularly impressed that the Toolkit was developed through an eight county collaborative effort that engaged the community planners in the San Joaquin Valley. We designed the Toolkit, a dynamic online resource, so that existing tools can be refined and new tools added on a regular basis to allow the Toolkit to evolve and expand over time. While intended for local planning staff, the Toolkit is designed to also be accessed by community members and decision-makers. The Toolkit uses the ideas, experiences, and input of its users. Through its interactive interface, the Toolkit asks that its users participate in the Toolkit by rating the usefulness of existing tools and contributing new content. Each tool includes a place for users to critique and suggest modifications to existing tools and recommend new case studies, templates, and other resources. The Toolkit also includes a place to request development of new tools and to submit applicable content.

Click here to view the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Planners Toolkit.