Mintier Harnish managed a consulting team for the Regional Policy Council to produce an implementation program for the adopted San Joaquin Valley Blueprint. The project, known as the Blueprint Roadmap, equips Valley communities, planning staff, and elected officials with tools and strategies for Blueprint implementation that are within the capabilities of cities and counties, cost-effective, and fiscally responsible. As part of the Roadmap project we prepared the following reports: the SJV Blueprint Planning Process Summary; the SJV Blueprint Guidance Framework; and the Institutional Arrangements Whitepaper.

The Blueprint Planning Process Summary provides an overview of the first four years of the San Joaquin Valley Blueprint (2005-2009), including the key players and participants, and the results of the Valleywide planning effort. The Guidance Framework outlines 12 strategies and related actions to create a structure, process, and set of actions for carrying out the Blueprint and for translating Blueprint principles into local policy and actions. It identifies the roles and responsibilities of various public and non-profit organizations; financial and personnel resources for implementation of the Blueprint; and communication methods and tools to build support for Blueprint implementation. Finally, the Institutional Arrangements Whitepaper highlights nine case studies of regional institutional arrangements from California and the nation, describes the relationship of institutional arrangements to implementation of the Valley Blueprint, and outlines three institutional arrangement options for the Valley.

As part of the Roadmap project, we worked closely with directors and staff from the eight Valley Regional Planning Agencies (i.e., COGs/MPOs), the Valley Planners Workgroup, and the Regional Policy Council. We also coordinated extensively with Blueprint partners participating in and conducting dozens of meetings and interviews with representatives from over 60 local, regional, State, and Federal agencies and organizations.