On behalf of the San Joaquin Valley (SJV) Regional Policy Council, Mintier Harnish is developing policy and implementation tools for local governments to further resource management and protection. While the SJV Blueprint focused on urban growth in the Valley, the Greenprint looks at the Valley from a rural perspective, and is an intended to serve as an economic and environmental strategy for rural areas. Phase I of the Greenprint resulted in the development of an online mapping tool that organizes and presents resource-related data for agriculture, biodiversity, energy, and water. Phase II of the Greenprint is intended to result in a greater understanding of the values of the Valley’s resources, an expanded resource management and protection toolkit, and a better-defined balance between economic growth and resource sustainability.

As part of Phase II, we are working with technical experts to evaluate the Phase I maps and explore the resource management challenges implied by the Phase I data.  We will develop a program to select pilot projects that demonstrate use of the Greenprint mapping tools. We will also produce a resource management guide that translates the Greenprint into effective, relevant change in land use decisions, resource preservation and use, and economic development and vitality.  Throughout the process, we will also reach out to a broad range of stakeholders to raise awareness of the Greenprint and develop ideas for new resource management tools.