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General Plan Updates and Evaluations

We have helped more than 60 California cities and counties prepare comprehensive General Plan updates, evaluations, and related projects. We have a thorough knowledge of General Plan law. We work with large and small, urban and rural cities and counties to carry out General Plan programs and projects tailored to their specific needs. We work closely with our clients throughout the program to ensure relevance, quality, and responsiveness of the General Plan. Our broad experience and expertise result in uniformly excellent work products and satisfied clients. 

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General Plan Updates and Evaluations

Housing Elements and Related Plans

We have prepared almost 80 housing elements and a dozen related plans and studies for cities and counties in California. During this time we have emerged as one of the leading experts in the field. In addition to preparing housing elements, we work with jurisdictions to obtain fair regional housing needs allocations through the RHNA process. We assist jurisdictions with housing element implementation, such as zoning ordinance and general plan amendments, infill housing strategies, redevelopment implementation plans, inclusionary housing studies, and other housing plans and projects. We also prepare HUD-required documents, including consolidated plans and analyses of impediments to fair housing choice.

Our Experience   |  Housing Plans
Housing Elements and Related Plans

Zoning and Development Code Updates

We prepare comprehensive zoning and development code updates for cities and counties throughout California. Many times, after completion of a general plan update, communities discover that their zoning and development codes do not reflect the vision and ideas embodied in the plan. Other times, communities simply get to the point that current planning and development practice has made their zoning and development regulations antiquated and ineffective.

We prepare zoning ordinances and development codes that are technically sound, legally defensible, and easy to use by staff, stakeholders, decision-makers, and community members. We help our client cities and counties to identify the inadequacies of their ordinances and codes and develop effective solutions to those problems.

Our Experience   |  Zoning and Development Code Updates
Zoning and Development Code Updates

Regional Plans

We help regions and the communities within them improve their social well-being, economic growth, and environmental sustainability from the neighborhood to the community to the metropolitan region. Regional planning has evolved over the last six decades through a variety of initiatives, planning efforts, and other broad-based movements. Major forces, such as the emergence of single-function State infrastructure planning agencies and heightened awareness of growth impacts on the environment, helped raise serious concerns regarding growth-related challenges such as air quality, regional economic health, overcrowded schools, affordable housing, urbanization of prime agricultural land, and water shortages.

Unlike individual city and county planning projects and programs, regional planning deals with challenges and opportunities facing multiple communities and stakeholders. Often neighboring communities share common characteristics and values and rely on the same resources for their success. However, they may also have conflicting and competing interests. Regional planning is based on the principle that, by working together, local communities can address regionwide environmental, social, and economic issues which may otherwise be left unattended or result in negative consequences. At the heart of this principle is the idea that through consensus building, trust, and an understanding of common goals, local communities, and the regions in which they are located can become stronger, more sustainable, and vibrant.

We work with communities, local officials, regional agencies, and other stakeholders to develop long- and short-term plans, strategies, programs, and tools that promote the sustainability and best use of a region’s lands, resources, and people. We help our clients address many regional issues, including:

Our Experience   |  Representative Projects
San Joaquin Valley REAP Housing Production Trends, Barriers, and Best Practices
Strategic Growth Council: MPO Sustainable Community Strategy Self-Assessment
StanCOG Sustainable Communities Strategy and Regional Housing Needs Allocation
TCAG Regional Housing Needs Assessment
SJCOG Sustainable Communities Strategy
Kings County Association of Governments Countywide Climate Action Plan Mid-Valley Vision: Multimodal Corridor Alternatives Report
San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Roadmap
San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Planners Toolkit
Stanislaus County Council of Governments RTP/Sustainable Communities Strategy
Sustainable Paradise: A Vision for the Future of the San Diego/Tijuana Metropolitan Region
Regional Planning and Climate Change: Understanding SB 375
Regional Plans

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