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City of Kerman General Plan


City of Kerman, Community Development Department


City of Kerman

Project Timeline

March 2018 - July 2020

Project Description

A team led by Mintier Harnish that included Rincon Environmental Consultants and Applied Development Economics, collaborated with City staff, the Planning Commission, City Council, and the community to prepare the 2040 Kerman General Plan, which was adopted by the Kerman City Council July 2020.  The General Plan is made up of two documents: the Background Report and the Policy Document.

The Background Report takes a “snapshot” of conditions and trends existing in Kerman. It provides a detailed description of a wide range of topics within the city, such as demographic and economic conditions, land use, public facilities, and environmental resources. The Background Report also serves as the “Environmental Setting” section of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) prepared for the General Plan.

The Policy Document is the essence of the General Plan. The Policy Document is organized into separate chapters which are the collection of “elements,” or topical areas, of which nine are mandatory. The nine State-mandated elements are: land use, circulation, housing, conservation, open space, noise, safety, environmental justice, and air quality.

Key attributes of the Kerman General Plan are:

  • One of the first general plans to be coordinated with the Attorney General’s Office to create an SB 1000-compliant plan.
  • Are designed to be self-mitigating by incorporating environmental mitigation measures as policies and programs.
  • One of the first San Joaquin Valley General Plan/EIRs to include an assessment of traffic impacts related to VMT in conformance with SB 743.
  • Includes a range of policies and programs to address Environmental Justice and Healthy Communities, designated with icons in each element to ensure full integration of these cross- cutting topics.
  • An easy-to-read format that enhances access and understanding by the general public, including a Reader’s Guide that assists users of the General Plan.

Community Engagement

The 2040 General Plan was shaped through a public outreach approach that provided an opportunity for all community members to be involved as an integral component in the General Plan process.  The City gathered community input through a community workshop; project website; eBlasts; and Planning Commission and City Council meetings, study sessions, and public hearings.  The Plan also includes several policies that promote civic engagement in the public decision-making process.  One key goal of the City is to promote meaningful dialogue and collaboration between members of disadvantaged communities and decision-makers to advance social and economic equity.

Awards and Recognition

2021 Award of Excellence, Comprehensive Plan, Small Jurisdiction – APA Central Valley Section

2021 Award of Merit, Comprehensive Plan, Small Jurisdiction – APA California

2022 Award of Merit for Planning Project/Program – San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Award