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City of Pleasant Hill General Plan Update


City of Pleasant Hill


City of Pleasant Hill

Project Timeline

April 2019 to present

Project Description

Mintier Harnish is assisting the City of Pleasant Hill with the preparation of its General Plan Update. The project includes the development of several documents including an existing conditions and trends workbook, issues and opportunities summary, vision and guiding principles, alternatives analysis and report, and a policy document (which includes goals, policies, and implementation programs). The General Plan Update programs recognize the unique challenges and opportunities of Pleasant Hill and design alternatives and policies that reflect the community’s needs. The Pleasant Hill General Plan was developed to be easy to use, easy to access, easy to understand, and easy to maintain while supporting a strong sense of community and development of open space resources focusing on maintaining, protecting and improving the best aspects of the City of Pleasant Hill. Mintier Harnish is also partnering with EnCode Plus to provide the City with a web-based General Plan and Zoning Code on the EnCode platform. Based on the ongoing success of the General Plan Update, the City of Pleasant Hill contracted with Mintier Harnish to prepare the City’s 6th Cycle Housing Element, objective residential design and development standards, and Zoning Code.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is key part of the Pleasant Hill General Plan Update. Engagement activities include regular newsletter releases, the use of product branding through developing a logo and style, 22 GPAC meetings, two joint study sessions with the Planning Commission and City Council, community workshops, and pop-up booths at community events and festivals. In 2019, Mintier Harnish facilitated a multi-day Planning and Design Workshop that included nightly presentations, an urban design charrette, and community walking tours.