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Del Norte County 2022-2030 Housing Element Update


Del Norte County


Del Norte County

Project Timeline

2022 to 2030


Mintier Harnish is currently leading the 6th Cycle Housing Element Update for Del Norte County. The Project is SB2 funded and includes Zoning Ordinance and General Plan Amendments to Accelerate Housing Production, and Environmental Review. The Project began in 2020 with study sessions with the Supervisors and Commissioners, and a community workshop on housing needs and constraints. This workshop was facilitated as a joint effort with City of Crescent City to maximize community participation and address the unique needs of a rural county population centered around a single incorporated city. The Draft 2020-2030 was posted for 30-day public review, revised, and reviewed by the Department of Housing and Community Development. The Housing Element is currently scheduled for adoption in October 2022. Community engagement efforts for the Housing Element Update included the development of Project branding, a Project website,  two community workshops (one in conjunction with the City of Crescent City), stakeholder interviews, newsletters, and multiple Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors study session and hearings.

Following certification, Mintier Harnish will work with the County to begin implementing Housing Element programs and updating the Zoning Ordinance and General Plan for consistency with the certified Housing Element. Within this effort, Mintier Harnish will develop objective design standards for residential development and draft amendments to the second residential unit ordinance for consistency with State law. Finally, the Project team will draft appropriate CEQA documentation that addresses the potential environmental effects of adopting the updated the sites inventory, Housing Element, Objective Design Standards, and the General Plan and Zoning Code amendments.

Interesting Facts

  • Rural county with unique population and housing characteristics
  • Difficult balance between Housing Element compliance requirements with limited County resources
  • Objective design standards and an accessory dwelling unit ordinance incorporated
  • Immediate implementation of Housing Element programs
  • Zoning and General Plan amendments to be completed following certification

Project Management

  • Jim Harnish, Project Director
  • Brent Gibbons, Project Manager
  • Ryan Lester, Housing Element Task Lead
  • Michael Gibbons, Zoning and General Plan Amendment Task Lead

Project Team

  • Mintier Harnish
  • Planwest Parners

Client Team

  • Heidi Kunstal
    Director Community Development Department
    Del Norte County

Community Involvement

  • Project logo/branding
  • Project website:
  • Two community workshops
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Newsletters
  • Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors Study Sessions