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Town of Los Gatos

Project Timeline

July 2018 to July 2022

Project Description

Mintier Harnish is assisting  the Town of Los Gatos with the preparation of its General Plan Update. Included in the  project are the development of a robust background report, issues and opportunities summary, vision and guiding principles, alternatives analysis and report, and a policy document (which includes goals, policies, and implementation programs). Some key issues addressed in this update are creating a multi-modal community; addressing wildfire safety; accommodating 6th cycle RHNA projections while preserving the unique, small town character and feel; and introducing nodes of mixed-use development throughout eight defined Community Place Districts. Mintier Harnish is also partnering with EnCode Plus to provide the Town with a web-based General Plan on the EnCode platform.

The graphics-rich General Plan includes nine elements: Racial, Social, and Environmental Justice; Land Use; Community Design; Mobility; Public Facilities, Services, and Infrastructure; Open Space, Parks, and Recreation; Environmental sustainability; Hazards and Safety; and Housing. A number of policies and programs address several cross-cutting topics, including sustainability, environmental justice, and healthy communities that are denoted by icons.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is a large part of the Town of Los Gatos General Plan Update. Engagement activities include regular newsletter releases, the use of product branding creating a logo, and style, over 35 regular GPAC meetings, joint study sessions with town leadership, community workshops, and pop-up booths at community events and festivals.