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Madera County Zoning Ordinance


County of Madera, Community and Economic Development Department


Madera County

Project Timeline

April 2020 – Present

Project Description

In April 2020, Madera County initiated a comprehensive update to its Zoning Ordinance (Title 18).  The County’s existing Ordinance has not been comprehensively updated in over 25 years, leaving may portions out of date and inconsistent with recent law changes.  The goal of this project is to create a fully, web-based ordinance that is standardized, modernized, user-friendly, internally consistent, and compliant with State and Federal law.  Upon successful adoption, the County will host the updated Zoning Ordinance through enCodePlus.  The web-based Ordinance will be fully accessible, easy to navigate, and searchable. The enCodePlan online format will allow cross-references to be linked, eliminating the need to jump back and forth to look for applicable zoning and development provisions.  The web-based Ordinance would be designed to be translated automatically into any language using tools such as Google Translate.

This project will be completed over a three-year period, with a successful adoption of the updated Zoning Ordinance anticipated in Winter of 2022.  In compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), an environmental review to analyze the potential environmental impacts of this project will be conducted.

Community Engagement

With some portions of the County identified as a Disadvantaged Community under Senate Bill 535, it is imperative this update effort responds to community concerns and encourages citizen input. Robust community engagement will ensure any new or modified provisions in the Zoning Ordinance are relevant, clearly understandable, and acceptable to the community and decision-makers. Mintier Harnish will facilitate community meetings, workshops, and public hearings give all interested residents, business owners, property owners, and developers the opportunity to be heard.