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Reedley Zoning Code and Subdivision Ordinance


City of Reedley, Planning Division


City of Reedley, California

Project Timeline

November 2021 - Present

Project Description

In November 2021, the City of Reedley initiated a comprehensive update to the City’s Zoning Code (Title 10) and Subdivision Ordinance (Title 11).  This update project will comply with the goals and policies of the 2030 Reedley General Plan and 2015-2023 Multi-Jurisdictional Housing Element and will ensure the Code and Ordinance are streamlined and modernized. This project is guided by the following objectives:

  • Comply with State and Federal law
  • Create an intuitive and user-friendly Zoning Code and Subdivision Ordinance
  • Create contemporary development standards
  • Respond to community concerns and desires
  • Standardize and simply the development review process

This project will be completed over a two-year period, with a successful adoption of the updated Zoning Code and Subdivision Ordinance anticipated in Spring 2023.  In compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), an environmental review to analyze the potential environmental impacts of this project will be conducted.

Community Engagement

The success of this project depends in part on input from the community to fully identify the community’s needs and expectations for development, building, and subdivision regulations.  There are many opportunities for the community to participate in the update process.  These opportunities include community workshops, public hearings, study sessions, stakeholder interviews, and online engagement activities.  Additionally, bilingual newsletters are periodically distributed and posted to the City’s website.  All community engagement materials (i.e., newsletters, posters, summaries, etc.) for this update project are available in both English and Spanish.