Brent Gibbons

Senior Project Manager

Brent Gibbons, AICP, is a Senior Project Manager who specializes in comprehensive planning projects including general plans, zoning codes, urban design standards and guidelines, and housing elements. Brent has a holistic view of planning having both worked for local municipalities and currently as a long-range planning consultant. Brent’s approach to planning is multi-faceted and includes a strong focus on community engagement and interaction in the planning process to ensure all voices are heard. He actively works to foster educational opportunities on all his projects to ensure communities, elected officials, and local staff have a better understanding of planning practice and how it affects them. Brent is currently one of the leading planners in the State on drafting, updating, and managing zoning codes, and is consistently on the forefront of bringing new and innovative ideas to this practice area.

Brent has managed or currently is managing over 25 planning related projects across California, several of which are in the Bay Area. Brent has or is currently managing General Plans for Gilroy, Los Gatos, Millbrae, Pleasant Hill, and Windsor, as well as Zoning Code Updates for Gilroy, Pleasant Hill, Santa Clara, Windsor, and Walnut Creek. Brent also has prior work experience with local development and construction firms in Santa Clara County as well as working with HCD San Mateo County. Brent currently co-teaches a course at University of California at Davis on zoning and development regulations, and how to comprehensively update your zoning code.