Ryan Lester

Project Manager

Ryan is a Project Manager who specializes in preparing general plan and housing element updates that are accessible, user-friendly, and engaging. Ryan crafts existing conditions and trends reports, land uses alternatives analyses, housing needs assessments, policy documents, and objective design standards for cities and counties throughout the state. Additionally, he constructs and implements community engagement programs,  facilitates stakeholder interviews and community workshops, and leads study sessions with decision makers and advisory groups. Further, Ryan develops available sites inventories, affirmatively furthering fair housing analyses, and implementation programs that are responsive to both State law and local context.

In ten years with Mintier Harnish, Ryan has worked on over a dozen General Plans and an equal number of housing elements. Among other projects, Ryan is currently leading six 6th-cycle housing elements and is drafting Objective Design and Development Standards for SB 35 compliance for several cities. Additionally, Ryan worked on the SJV REAP Housing Study and is on the Mintier Harnish team providing valley wide REAP-funded housing element technical assistance.

Interesting Fact

In the early 2000s, fresh out of high school, Ryan completed three national tours with his underground metal band.