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We are pleased to celebrate the release of the 2017 OPR General Plan Guidelines!

This is a major milestone for California planning that follows several¬†years of¬†work¬†that has been led by the¬†Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR).

The 2017 OPR General Plan Guidelines is the first comprehensive update to the Guidelines since 2003 and addresses numerous new laws, requirements, resources, and research that affects General Plans. This includes the following legislation:

  • Environmental Justice (SB 1000) ‚Äď OPR guidance is pending,
  • Resiliency and Climate Change Adaptation (SB 379),
  • Sustainable Communities Strategies (SB 375),
  • Flood Management (SB 5),
  • Vehicle Miles Traveled (SB 743),
  • Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities (SB 244),
  • Tribal Consultation (AB 52),
  • Local Hazard Mitigation Plans (AB 2140), and
  • Many more!

Beyond State law requirements, the 2017 OPR General Plan Guidelines also provide direction on topics including:

  • Healthy communities
  • Equitable and resilient communities
  • Economic development
  • Climate change
  • Renewable energy

Additional new features include a statutory checklist for all mandatory elements and a General Plan Mapping Tool.

For more information on the OPR General Plan Guidelines, visit the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research website:

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